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Media Monitoring


The public's perception of the business determines the sucess of the any business , Macmedia understands this hence has tailored public relation services that will enable the institution to monitor the public views and perceptions about the brand, products and services .We are able to do this through:

Newstrak/media monitoring

MMA monitors all main stream media. We have a team of professionals monitoring executives who ensures that the customer’s coverage is tracked and a copy submitted to the customer.
Newstrak/media monitoring is a Public Relations service that ensures clients get tabs of what is being said about them, their stakeholders and strategic partners on mainstream media.
“The competition in the market is so tough and this require an efficient, reliable, cost
    • effective & professional monitoring service to track what is being said about your institution”
    • Following a comprehensive assessment of the market it has been found that a gap will always exist in the provision of an efficient PR service without media monitoring service incorporated.
    • PR Practitioners have argued that a company or organization reputation is the greatest asset and that it should be guarded jealously hence the dire need for media monitoring.
    • Through this service MMA keeps tabs of what has been reported on electronic & print media about the customer and submit the evidence on DVD format.

Why Newstrak/monitoring services

Media monitoring is not only a good way of ensuring the corporate is aware of all information on media but also the necessary way of correcting on what is reported about them
Moreover monitoring of PR activities is a critical part of the normal due diligence stipulated within corporate governance today.
Need to know who’s picking up your story and what the media is saying concerning your company?
  • Newstrak makes it easy with media monitoring services that track your coverage wherever and whenever it appears.
  • MMA will sent you an e-mail notifications to alert you when you’re mentioned in the media.
  • Prefer a soft copy to a hard copy of press clippings of your print media coverage?
Newstrak drops you the media coverage which you will receive through our daily runner service.
Newstrak ensures that you can have all relevant information as  it is reported in the mainstream media.

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